Grand Jury says that worthless O.C. Republicans Chriss Street and David Sundstrom blew millions of public dollars

How much damage can one worthless Republican hack politician do?  In the case of O.C. Treasurer Chriss Street, quite a lot.  Millions in fact.

“Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street’s $800 million bet on complex securities “was an imprudent pursuit of yield compromising the safety of principal,” the Orange County Grand Jury reported Tuesday,” according to the O.C. Register.

Another worthless O.C. GOP hack, Auditor-Controller David Sundstrom, chairs the five-member oversight committee that was supposed to prevent Street from blowing millions of public dollars on stupid investments.  Sundstrom’s committee was fingered by the Grand Jury for essentially being lame.

Naturally, the O.C. Supervisors, who are all awful Republicans, appointed Sundstrom’s ineffective committee.  That figures!

Street already sold one SIV for a six million dollar loss!  And another one, named Whistlejacket, is tanking too.  God knows how much we will lose on that one!

I wonder how many of OC GOP consultant John Lewis’ hacks work for Street and Sundstrom?

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