As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July, do we know what caused the revolution?

Will Sacramento Democrats trigger another “Boston Massacre?”

4th of July! Isn’t it great that we can all enjoy a day off with street fair’s with root beer floats and evening fireworks. However, have we given any thought to what caused the American Revolution that was triggered on March 5, 1770, at the infamous Boston Massacre. Who knows. History can be repeated. In the famous Boston Massacre only four civilians, including former slave Crispus Attucks, were killed in that initial confrontation. We are sitting on a new powder keg as many have lost their jobs, others are losing their life savings, and many their homes. Additional taxation might lead to another revolution in 2009 CA.

From what I am able to research on the events leading up to the Revolution, the British Crown had accumulated a huge debt during the French and Indian wars. Prime Minister George Grenville decided to expand the 1732 Molasses Act to broaden their source of revenue by imposing a tax on molasses plus additional taxes on sugar, wines, cloth, coffee, tropical foods and silk.

Legislative Democrats in Sacramento want to create billions in new taxes on oil, cigarettes, business and our VLF. While the areas to be taxed surely vary, the proposed solution has not changed in almost 250 years. Stick it to the citizens.
As the big 5 in Sacramento concoct a wide range of new taxes, even after we said NO, perhaps the next American Revolution will happen right here in CA.
Although we rallied on April 15th with 21st century Tea Parties across the land apparently we need to send another message to Sacramento.

In 1764 King George’s Parliament’s direct tax on the American colonies was the Stamp Act where they taxed newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets legal documents, Dice and playing cards.
In 1764 the cry was “no taxation without representation.” The next revolution is based on “taxation by representation” by leaders who simply cannot balance a checkbook.

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