Will our state politicians figure out that we need to slash state spending?

California voters gave Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a fat lip yesterday by rejecting his Propositions!

What will happen now that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s measures have been rejected by the voters?

Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub postulates that:

The voters, whether they meant to or not, may have just rung the opening bell on a new round of ideological battles inside the Capitol, where majority Democrats will try to protect spending on public services while Republicans argue against the tax increases needed to finances those programs.

If there will be no new taxes or additional borrowing (voters nixed that too, in defeating the plan to borrow from the lottery), lawmakers will have to reduce spending next year to $85 billion from this year’s level of $93 billion, just one year after the state spent $103 billion. These are historic, perhaps unprecedented spending reductions, and Democrats are not going to want to supply their votes to carry them out.

The tax revolt is not over folks.  We need to keep pushing Governor Schwarzenegger and our legislators to cut, cut, cut.  Our state government is bloated and there is no fix but to cut.

I would add however that some of the measures being discussed, such as selling state property, revising our drug laws and the Three Strikes law, and sending immigrants who are in prison back to their countries of origin are good ideas.  On top of that we need to legalize gambling in California, go to a part-time State Legislature and slash state departments and agencies that are not important.  Let’s see if our illustrious political leaders can figure out that freedom and liberty are the answers – not raising taxes and screwing the people of California.

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