Thomas Gordon now says commissioners can’t be bloggers

When Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero agreed to speak at tonight’s Com Link meeting I figured he would be in for a rough night with Santa Ana’s “Usual Suspects.”  Boy was I right.  Thomas Gordon, who is a resident of Santa Ana and an elected member of the OC GOP Central Committee, accosted him at the meeting and asked him why Sean Mill was still blogging.

What set Gordon off?  That is hard to say.  Mill wrote a very innocuous post this week about Tinajero’s appearance at Com Link.  And that set Gordon off.

Gordon by the way made the AP wire a couple years ago when he got booted from Santa Ana’s EPIC/Gang Commission by Tinajero.  At the time there was a lot of controversy in Santa Ana because several of us bloggers were on city commissions.  In fact I quit the Redevelopment Commission in solidarity with Gordon after he got the boot from EPIC.

Back then Gordon was really into free speech…now he isn’t apparently.  The rub is that he blogs for both Red Klownty and Sunny D.  And he used to blog for me before he quit in a huff while participating in the ill-fated blog coup that our former webmaster, Sarah Spinosa, initiated.

And guess what?  Gordon is also a commissioner – in Denver, Colorado, where he maintains a second home.  There he goes by “Tom Gordon,” and he serves on the Denver Graffiti Task Force.  Click here to see his name on their membership roster.

And just this week Gordon tried to get onto the SAUSD Measure G Bond Oversight Commission, but his nomination failed to garner a second.

So what’s it going to be Gordon?  Do you support free speech or not?  If you really believe that Commissioners cannot be bloggers, does that mean you intend to quit the Denver Graffiti Task Force?  And can OC GOP Central Committee Members be bloggers?

Lastly, I had to call the Santa Ana police and file a report a few weeks ago when Gordon called and threatened my life.  Say what you will about Sean Mill – but he sure doesn’t run around bullying people.  In fact Gordon also accosted Democrat activist Paul Lucas this week, while they were at the anti Prop. 8 rally in downtown Santa Ana.  Lucas told me later that he was afraid Gordon was going to beat him up.  Is that how OC GOP Central Committee members should be behaving in public?  I don’t think so.

I support Sean Mill’s right to blog.  Gordon needs to get over himself.  If he is going to be this thin-skinned then perhaps he is the one who needs to stop blogging – and get out of politics altogether.

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