Steve Poizner relishes the defeat of Props. 1A-1E

Republican Steve Poizner, who is the State Insurance Commissioner, wants to be our Governor.  He issued the following statement tonight as it became clear that Propositions 1A-1E are going down in flames:

“The people of California have spoken loud and clear today. It’s time for Sacramento to finally listen to that message. The voters are now strongly on record against the deeply flawed budget package crafted by the Governor and the Legislature. They have soundly rejected the $16 billion in higher income, sales and car taxes contained in Proposition 1A.

“The voters want change and fundamental reform – not more spending, more taxes, more borrowing and more fiscal gimmicks. California state government can’t afford any more gimmicks – it’s long past time to modernize, economize, reduce and reform.

“This election wasn’t a case of the “Yes” side not getting its message out. It was quite the contrary. The “Yes” side outspent the “No” side dramatically. If that wasn’t enough, the legislature also stacked the deck by writing the ballot arguments and skewing them toward the “Yes” side.

“Today’s outcome is a clear referendum on what the Governor and legislature have – and have not – done on the electorate’s behalf. Californians know that the state has huge budget and policy problems. Yet armed with this knowledge, they defeated the so-called “solution.” The electorate clearly wants the Governor and legislature to go back to the drawing board and do it right. The Governor and legislature have repeatedly failed to do so – and that’s why we have a mess. Not only does the public deserve better – they know that they deserve better. And by rejecting the Special Election, they told Sacramento to go back and do it again.

“The voters have sent a message: enough is enough. The Sacramento political establishment ignores that message at their own peril. It’s time for all candidates for Governor to break from the failed policies and arrogance of that establishment.

“Just as Sacramento refused to face reality long ago, my opponent, Meg Whitman, has refused to debate the solutions for California ’s disaster. You can’t buy solutions to California ’s crisis on Ebay. California Republicans – and all voters – are angry, frustrated and looking for leadership and experience. That is why I seeking the governorship on a platform of bringing major reform and a commitment to the fundamental restructuring of state government to the Governor’s office.”

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