Not time to dummy up on COLA’s!

Let’s get this straight….AIG continues to get never ending TARP money – with no limits!  The concept is that “if” we don’t support AIG and all their “Toxic Assets” all the world’s dominos will fall.  The End Times will consume us all and Credit Card Companies will raise their rates to uncontrollable levels!  No one will be able to get home loans, no one will be able to get car loans and no one will be able to borrow money to send their kids to college.

In the meantime, “The US Pension Vulture” is coming home to roost.  In the case of the City of Los Angeles and about everywhere else in this country, the “3 at 50 Boo Bird” is eating our popcorn before we even get to our theatre seats.  Now that the citizens of California have refuted our Governor’s pleas for greater and greater taxes…..some conceptualize that they might even have to cut the cost of government!  An outrage!  Cutting the cost of government?  Are they kidding?  Even local cities and counties continue to grow government…..not make it smaller… how in the world can the lowly State of California do any such intelligent thing?  Are  they willing to hold back the Bureaucrats, Government and Public Employee Annual COLA’s too?

OK, back to the Bailouts:  All the Banks are threatening to give back that nasty TARP money to the Federal Government.  To all those Banks we say: “Make our day!”  Additionally, Banks like Capitol One are sending out “Change of Terms” papers like crazy….to all their clients.  It doesn’t matter that your FICO is 800 or above….they just are letting it fly….moving most interest rates from 8 or 9% up to 17 and 18% for Purchases, 24 to 25% for Balance Transfers and 29 to 30% for Cash Withdrawals.  The President is scheduled to sign the Credit Card Relief Act this week-end which does not go into effect for nine months.  By that time, we will all be pregnant with higher interest rates on every Credit Card in America.

In the middle of all of this, we are experiencing higher food and energy costs, higher taxes, prescription drug costs – all higher actual “costs of living”!  What has gone down?  Property Values!  The only good deals out there are on “Foreclosures”.  Everyone else in So. Cal. is either holding on to their property and not selling or desperate but still will not lower the selling price.  So, how in the world can the Federal Government in it’s wisdom suggest that Social Security recipients…..NOT get a COLA increase next year?  Are they telling us that the cost of living is going to go down in 2010?  Are they telling us that it is OK to bail out Bankers, Businesses, Governments, Cities, Counties and Foreign Countries?….but for Retired Social Security people….NAH!!

We implore the President to chat up with his HHS Secretary and alter this policy before 2010.  Old people on fixed income around the country that are not employed or employable…..are going to experience higher cost of living and holding back a 2.9% COLA increase….when they bail everyone else ludicrous!

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