Mancow: It’s Absolutely Torture! It’s Drowning!

Conservative talk show host Mancow (aka Erich Muller) volunteered himself to be waterboarded in order to demonstrate that the technique is not torture.  Well, guess what?  The guy lasted a whopping SIX SECONDS before he stopped it and declared it…. drumroll…. “ABSOLUTE TORTURE!”. 

I give the guy credit, he was certain that it was going to be some water on the face for sissies and then he had to admit that it was actually an exercise in drowning.  Keith Olberman is sending in $10,000 to Mancow’s choice of charity for this demonstration.  You really need to click the  video/link to get a few minutes synopsis of the whole “waterboarding is not torture” line of reasoning.  This clip nails it, complete with a skilled waterboarding specialist who claims that the average person can only withstand the technique for 14 seconds.  Mancow drowned as a child and was revived back to life.  He has a unique perspective on what it means……..


to be the victim of drowning.  For this stunt, he got the cadillac version of being waterboarded, knowing that he could end the waterboarding treatment at any time by throwing down a plastic cow as a sign for it to stop.  He also had a wet towel draped over his nose and mouth left free – which is considerably more comfortable and less threatening than having his head covered in plastic wrap with a slit hole over the mouth.  Comments?

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