Don’t forget to vote tomorrow against reckless overspending in Sacramento!

Election Day is near and I want to remind our readers to be sure to vote by tomorrow AGAINST all of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s propositions.  I initially meant to vote yes on 1-F, but I now believe it is best to say no to all of these awful measures.

The O.C. Register put it best in an editorial in today’s paper:

The spendthrift governor and Legislature over-taxed and over-spent California state government into its current predicament. They put government employees first and taxpayers second. They routinely overestimated future revenue while consistently mismanaging the cash on hand. Their fiscal appetites regularly were greater than what they could afford, and they put off solving their financial problems by borrowing more and more, and shifting money around to pay for things taxpayers didn’t intend that money to be spent on.

The bottom line is that Governor Schwarzenegger and the lame Democrats and Republicans in Sacramento don’t want to fire unnecessary State employees.  They don’t want to take pay cuts.  They don’t want to close ridiculous and unneeded State agencies.  They want to keep on living high and mighty while the rest of us suffer.

Well, tomorrow we can send these bastards a message – Vote no on Propositions 1A – 1F and tell these politicians that they need to stop their reckless overspending.  They need to live within their means and stop raising our taxes.  If they cannot do that then we need to vote the bums out!

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