Congressman Joseph Cao raking in contributions in the O.C. today

Congressman Joseph Cao will be partying hard with his well-heeled GOP Viet friends today

Poor Congressman Joseph “Ahn” Cao.  He got elected to an overwhelmingly Democratic congressional district in Louisiana.  And he is in big trouble.  I doubt he will survive reelection.  So today he is here in Orange County trying to raise a ton of money by charging $500 to meet with him at a fundraising luncheon in Garden Grove, at the Brodard Chateau, located at 9100 Trask Ave.

Interestingly, Quang Pham appears to have played a large role in putting this together – and he recently announced his interest for running for Congress too, against Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and GOP Assemblyman Van Tran, perhaps as an independent.

Afterwards everyone is heading to Beverly Hills for the Vietnamese American Gala.

We’re in the middle of the worst recession ever and this guy Cao is raking in money hand over fist.  I am pretty sure that won’t go down well with the poverty-stricken people that live in his congressional district.

Oh well.  He may as well have fun while his term lasts.  I truly doubt he has even a remote chance to get reelected.  He really ought to become a Democrat, ASAP.

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