City leaders use a video website to tell Governor Schwarzenegger to stop raiding their funds

The California League of Cities has launched a new website, called “Save Your City,” in order to better communicate to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and State Legislators that “city governments are in no place to bail out the state. Cities have already made drastic cuts including employee layoffs and furloughs and cuts to critical services including those for public safety, seniors and youth.”

This innovative website features testimonials from city officials and concerned coalition partners and members of the public, telling state lawmakers about current fiscal conditions and potential devastation to cities should the state take local property taxes as has been done in the past. Each video uploaded is sent directly to the governor and appropriate legislator. Visitors to the site can conduct city, regional or legislative district-specific searches to find what’s being said about specific communities.

You can do a search to find your local elected on the site.  The site is constantly being updated with new videos – if your elected isn’t up now they may be very soon.

Kudos to California League of Cities public affairs director Mike Madrid for coming up with such an innovative communications strategy!

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