A Republican White Elephant!

The weight of effort never usually impresses the outcome of the most important issues.  Sometimes big money can’t buy you love.  Sometimes big money will follow popular trends or leaders….sometimes it doesn’t.  This election day in May will be remembered as one which brought taxing solutions from the Legislature…..which we the voters were supposed to rubber stamp, bend over and take it.  The results were predictable if you considered the early polling ……and the general malaise which is faced currently by the State of California.

Governor Arnold spent the day in Washington D.C. with President Obama doing something that should have been done 30 years before:  Demanding that a cross section of small fuel efficient cars be interspersed with all the moderate mid-sized vehicles, SUV’s and Club Cab Pick-up trucks.  When the Governor wakes up tomorrow morning….California will be facing a $21.5 billion dollar deficit.  This is of course is confusing….because originally, by voting for the six proposed initiatives……that was supposed to take care of over $16 Billion dollars in deficits.  Suddenly, we now get another $5.5 billion bonus….in deficits yet to come.  Oddly and luckily, both Republicans and Democrats have voted down these faceless initiatives from Sacramento.  Congratulations to all.

The real question of course is:  “Where is the Republican Party?”  Getting around to a variety of Republican events recently….has yielded an unbelieveable array of mixed emotions.  At every event, the call for the “End Times” comes quickly.  President Obama is being castigated as the “Biggest Spender in American History”.  President Obama is considered as the the great “Socialist President”.  They all claim that “it won’t be long before our country falls apart significantly!”  The Republican hierarchy however is short on details and short on “their solutions” to the many problems facing our nation.  They are also short on celebrities willing to run under the Elephant masthead.

As you watch the cable shows, read the 100 odd newspapers, address all the issues on the web or just plain talk to every Republican you know…….Republicans all seem short on answers.  The Republican Party today is truly Shell Shocked!  They have no well known candidates.  They have no bullet proof ideas to draw from.  They have ZERO solutions to the Banking crisis, the Palestinian problem, illegal immigration or the war in Afghanistan.  Luckily for all us civilians….President Obama seems to have solutions he has at least thought about.  The truth of the matter is: President Obama is doing a pretty good job, on more issues, than we could have possibly believed.

The ghost of Ronald Reagan keeps raising its head at every turn at the various Republican campsites and events.  The sad reality however is…..we don’t have a replacement for Ronald Reagan.  The sad reality is…..it could be many years before the Republican Party…..can throw off its White Elephant image.  The hollow and empty images walking through Republican events is a very sad commentary on the future of the Republican party.  Fund raising for Republicans is lower than they have seen in years.  The Republican party looks at the present like it is situated between a rock and hard place.

At any rate, congratulations to the voters of California….about 4 million of them that voted 2 to 1 against all the stupid State Initiatives…so far 5 NO’s and 1 Yes on “F”.  It will be quite entertaining to see how Governor Arnold and the State Legislature deals with the few remaining problems destined to cause more chaos than one could possibly imagine.

Happy Memorial Day…..now go save a Elephant!

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