The Stem Cell Debate Is Dead

Can we finally put the debate to rest that the Left commands the argument for science? People all over the country argued that not one person has been cured by Embyonic Stem Cells. Sickle Cell Anemia has been cured by ADULT STEM CELLS. Instead, they put on a pretense with their willing teleprompter in chief, that there were only two choices, destroy embryos or stop science. And that there was no reason that morality should be a factor in making that choice.

In fact, it was the VERY ABSENCE of a sense of morality that enabled Embryonic Stem Cell Advocates to push a so-called SCIENCE of stem cells, without one study saying that would work. Without morality or any sense of the cardinal virtues, you can lie your head off and it wont keep you from sleeping.

Now you have a real clear idea that IT WILL NOT WORK. A huge political ploy simply to benefit those who tow the LEFTIST LINE. Advocate stem cells without reason, get grant money. Scream like chicken little that the earth is warming, get grant money. See the pattern?

** homework assignment. can you name a single cardinal virtue without googling? if not, you have some self examination to do. **

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