The O.C. Board of Education Trustees don’t want to hear from you!

A couple of years ago we noticed that the website for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education did not include a means to email them individually.  They have since fixed that oversight.  Today I noticed that the Orange County Board of Education’s website likewise has no means to contact the individual Trustees.

This is NOT acceptable.  These are elected officials.  As such they serve US and that means there should be a way to communicate directly with the Trustees.  Not only are there no email addresses provided, there are also no phone numbers available.

Apparently the Trustees share one address. Here is what a District representative told me in an email, “This is the email address for the Board of Education. All trustees have access to this email account.”  That is not good enough!  They should have separate email accounts – and their phone numbers should be public information as well.

Please email the O.C. Board of Education at this link and ask them to put contact information for their elected Trustees on their website.

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