The Angels are hurting – but the Yankees suck!

As an Angels fan, I was not happy when the New York Yankees swept in during the off-season to claim the Angels prized first baseman, Mark Texeira. But I was glad that the Angels did not overpay to keep him.

Texeira is already off to a rocky start with an injury that has since fated. Oh he will hit his home runs this year, but whether he is worth a mint remains to be determined.

The Angels sure could use his power right about now, as their top slugger, Vlad Guerrero, has gone on the shelf for awhile. They have only one legitimate power hitter left, in Torii Hunter. They just got shellacked in Minnesota and figure to hurt for some time as they are fielding a roster full of light-hitting middle infielders right now.  And they are going to be in mourning all year after the tragic loss of their young pitcher, Nick Adenhart.

But the Yankees have turned their new gazillion dollar stadium into a giant toilet bowl! When they lost yesterday to the Indians by a football score, 22-4, “It was the most runs for the Indians since they beat New York, 22-0, on Aug. 31, 2004, at the old Yankee Stadium. The 22 runs also tied the Yankees’ record for most given up in a home game,” according to the L.A. Times.

The Yankees spent a mint signing free agent pitcher C.C. Sabathia, but their pitching still blows.  They don’t have five starting pitchers and their bullpen is reeling.  Love it!

Already this year we are seeing a slew of lower priced teams zoom to the top, including the Florida Marlins, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Minnesota Twins and the Baltimore Orioles.  Good!

The big spending teams can spend whatever they want but ultimately they still have to play ball.  And money cannot buy team unity nor can it help you when injuries set in.  The younger, deeper teams have a huge advantage.  And that is the way it should be in America’s pastime.

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