SAPD officer shoots woman who had a baby in her car

(Video Courtesy of the L.A. Times)

“A woman who led police on a high-speed pursuit from Buena Park to Santa Ana was shot and killed by a Santa Ana police officer early this morning, authorities said. A toddler who was in the back seat was unharmed,” according to the O.C. Register.

Wow.  Apparently the SAPD does not know if the cop who shot this woman was aware that she had a baby in the car.  The Register reported that an officer did see the baby seat when the police tried to stop the lady’s car by trapping it.  But she rammed her way out.

The woman proceeded north on Grand and was shot near 17th.  Now think about that for a minute.  That is a very busy intersection.  It is not far from the nicer part of Santa Ana.  I live about five minutes away, in the Park Santiago neighborhood.  Had the lady gone any further she may have been shot near Santa Clara, which leads directly into my area.

At any rate, the police still don’t know if the lady got out of her car or otherwise threatened the cop who shot her.  SAPD policy dictates that “deadly force is authorized if an officer is fearful for his or her life or the life of others,” but we probably won’t know for some time whether or not the officer in question had a good reason to shoot the driver.

The chase began in Buena Park, after cops in that city tried to pull over this lady because they thought she might be a drunk driver.  The chase continued, at speeds over 100 miles per hour at times, until the lady ended up in Santa Ana, where she ultimately died.

This is not the first such incident in Santa Ana.  We had another shooting about a year ago, near the 55, where you may recall that a man was shot with dozens of bullets after the cops stopped him.  That incident occurred when there were a lot of folks driving through the area.

Too bad that we have not figured out a better, non-lethal way to stop folks.  I really hate to see our police officers shooting guns in crowded areas.  If the shooter in this case was trigger-happy, we need to bid him adieu and let him see if some other police department wants to hire him.

Incidentally, I tried to use the SAPD’s online reporting program today to complain about one of our former bloggers, who now blogs over at Red Clownty and Sunny D.  He threatened today to “come over to my house at midnight and take care of business.” He was upset about an anonymous comment that mentioned him.

I filed the report online, only to get a message that it could not be accepted because it contained information about the suspect.  Duh!  So I called the SAPD and they said that the threat was not specific enough for them to file a complaint, as it did not mention a specific weapon.  Can you believe that?  So I told the lady that I would wait for the guy to attack me and call back.  To which she said, “OK.”   Wonderful.  What a ridiculous police department we have here in Santa Ana!

As for the thin-skinned blogger who threatened me, he really ought to get out of blogging.  If this business makes him so crazy that he resorts to threatening folks, surely he ought to find something else to do with his time?

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