Mandating Energy Independence!

As we sat in line waiting for our turn at the gas pumps back in the Jimmy Carter years……wondering whether we could beat the system and no one might notice that our license plate was odd rather than even….paying rates for a gallon of gasoline three times what it was just a couple of weeks before…….we wondered:  “What is the Government doing?”  Jimmy Carter, head down looking at his shoes….told us: “Americans are going to have to do with less and be willing to sacrifice!”  Jimmy evidently didn’t check with his Georgia PR firm…and quickly lost the next election to “An Actor”!

Today, we have a new President with some might say…an open and enlightened viewpoint.  He steps onto the world stage in the midst of a total world economic meltdown.  He has been in office less than 100 days….and no matter what your political party…you have to admit…”so far so good!”.  But President Obama’s very comprehensive program to bring America back from the brink includes two controversial issues that involve the Environment.

The first issue is the awful “Cap & Trade” program designed to take from the poor and give to the richest Corporations in the world.  “Cap and Trade” has never worked to clean up pollution from the environment.  It either moves the money from rich Corporations to other Corporations and then money from the Taxpayers back to replenish the Rich Corporations.  Musical Chairs for tax money.  In the meantime, bureaucracies take a quick 20-25% off for Administration fees and Government employees.  This is NOT a helpful solution or program!

The 2nd issue is developing alternative fuels, alternative power sources: Wind, Solar and Biofuels.  The Obama Administration is putting their efforts and cash toward those issues….at least in a way that is larger than we have seen before!  Some issues that the Administration however is not dealing with are the fundamentals of the US Economy….namely: Housing starts and Resale of various properties.  If we could draw a significant analogy…it might be Earthquake retrofits and new construction in building codes.  These issues are for Commercial and Residential housing.  They are intended to upgrade and make safe properties that had been “grandfathered” for years…and were only implemented when the sale of the property became a reality.

We are suggesting that “all developers”, “all licensed contractors” be required to utilize “Solar Panels” whenever possible, “Green Approved and Efficient Products for Construction” and Insulation that improves heat retention in the winter and cool in summer.  For their efforts, the individual States should offer Tax Credits to offset construction cost for the next 10 years.  The Federal Government should also offer a Tax write off – or off set….for those Developers and Contractors that spend over $200,000 dollars in Environmentally approved products.

What about fixing up your own property?  We need to offer both tax off sets and incentives to home owners to replace when possible their Edison connection with Solar or other alternative energy sources.  They all must meet or exceed Federal and State Construction Guidelines…..of course!  There has always been a Solar Panel Tax break…just not big enough to inspire anyone to replace Power Companies…unless they lived on a mountain top inaccessible from a cheap power line.

Jimmy Carter could have done this…..way back in the 70’s.  Jimmy Carter could have mandated a “Manhattan Project” for Nuclear Power Plants in America.  Jimmy Carter could have supported 10 strategically placed Nuclear Power Facilities….which were both safe and could have found a clean way to dispose of nuclear waste going on 40 years ago!  We can blame the Congress, the Corporations, the old Generals, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderbergers, the Rothchilds…..or even Nelson and David Rockefeller.  We can blame anyone….but the reality is that if we want change….”we need to change!”

As we go forward, we need a Government Mandate for Energy Independence….which will be achieved within the next 10 years!  Do we have the right President, do we have the right mind set, do we have the will?  Hope everyone had a great “Earth Day”!

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