Kudos to President Obama for trying to undo Bush damage in Latin America

I am no fan of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but he has been democratically elected numerous times – and there is no question that he is a big-time regional leader in Latin America.  Chavez recalled his Ambassador to the U.S. in September, but on Friday things began to change as U.S. President Barack Obama went out of his way to meet Chavez, at the Summit of the Americas, and make nice with him.

After Obama introduced himself to Chavez, “”the two men talked about their mutual desire to change the relationship between their countries,” according to Politico.com.

Chavez also “said Saturday that he had proposed a former foreign minister, Roy Chaderton, as his ambassador to Washington in a move toward restoring normal ties with the United States,” according to the New York Times.

Things started to thaw when Obama announced his initial plans to thaw our relationship with Cuba.  Many of the Latin American leaders are upset today because Cuba is not allowed to participate in the Americans Summit meetings due to the American embargo.

No question about it.  Obama needs to restore relations with Cuba now.  Why wait?

I must say that it is refreshing to have a President who spends time trying to make peace instead of war.

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