Is Trade Liberalization with Cuba a big deal?

In 1958, Generalisimo Juan Batista ran Cuba.  The people of Cuba felt an iron boot of unabated oppression on the back on their necks.   Batista utilized torture for his enemies and he targeted the press reporters and newspapers especially – which was more than common place. The Organized American Crime Families of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Miami ran the Big Hotels and the Casinos.  When we visited Havana in 1956, the local Tour Guides told all the wide-eyed tourists what a great historical relationship Cuba had with the United States.  How, with the help of the United States – Cuba became free from Spain! The very friendly cab drivers however were more candid and said that things were bad and that “Revolution” was coming.  Everyone has or should have seen “Godfather II”….because it was exactly as it depicted.  Fidel, Che and the people of Cuba wanted a change and they got it.  Little did they know that for 50 years or more the relationship with the United States would diminish.

Today, President Obama is extending the first hand of friendship to the Cuban people since 1960.  Will it be successful?  Well, that depends on who you might talk to.  The obvious advantages for the United States include: Cuban Cigars, better WBC Boxers, better MLB Baseball players, another warm and affordable end tourist destination for wintertime travel, better alternative medicine and another broad market for American products.

The first step in this process has already begun with the President opening the gates of America to travel between the two countries for existing family relationships.  Liberalizing transfers of money to the relatives in Cuba and developing a wide communication web for cell phones and television service.  Raul Castro, almost stood up and cheered…saying: “Everything will be on the table for open discussion with the United States!”

Now, if only Fidel can keep his mouth shut.  Now, if only those in this country with Real Estate Developer Tattoos on their foreheads just keep quiet for a year or two.  Now, if only Organized Crime can be subtle enough not to try and bulldoze their way into the play with Cuba to bring “Indian Gaming” as part of our Cultural Exchange Program!  Now, if only our young President will have the patience to extend his hand of friendship….slowly, believing but verifying every step of the way.

Car collector Auctions will be held in Havana….you can see that coming.  Mecam Muscle Cars…will invade Cuba like Fidel and Che did in 1958!  The opening of relations with Cuba will extend further in a positive sense – during Hurricane season next year!  With an open Cuba, American volunteers will be down there helping the Cuban people dig out and clean up from being the major central target of Hurricanes in the Caribbean basin.  Import and Export markets will be very brisk….if we can only get those emotional, wild and crazy Cubans….to just take this huge opportunity to “make nice” for once – with the American people and the Obama Administration!

We wish all the parties concerned well… this endeavor!  Trade Liberalization with Cuba ….is a big deal and will alter our image in Central and South America….forever…”if” successful.

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