Government Mandated Healthcare Insurance?

It starts off like this……”We need National Healthcare!”  Then it goes to….. “We need every American to be covered with affordable Healthcare!”  Once those two things have been established it goes to…….”Government supplied Healthcare must include everyone!”  With those parameters established comes the dreaded details: “No pre-existing conditions will be considered….but every person in the United States must be covered and it is the individual’s total and complete responsibility to maintain their health coverage from birth to death.  If you can’t pay for your Healthcare…”the Government will assist you”….in finding a provider.  This system must have “interoperability” and your healthcare must be “portable” and moveable from one city to another as well as one state to another!

Remember back in the bad old days before “State Mandatory Car Insurance” in California.  You could put up a bond in the amount of the minumum coverage required.  You could put $10 or $20 thousand dollars in an escrow account in the event you were in a car accident.  What happened when you didn’t have that money and because of your bad driving record….no one would insure you or your car?  “Assigned Risk!”.  It was a lottery deal where some car insurance provider  had to take a certain number of bad risk clients at a set fee.  National Healthcare is headed this direction!  It quickly can turn into a “Forest Gump” box of chocolates, if we are not careful!

During the last 20 years, we have gone from a society with great doctors with great bedside manners… HMO’s and Disco Doctors that know nothing and only look good on TV!  They can’t make a reasonable decision on your healthcare procedures without approvals from both higher up Administrators and autocratic Insurance Carriers…who sit in final judgment with a chart of acceptable prices and procedures.  The Doctor has to see 60 patients a day or they are fired.  They have to proscribe Nationally Advertised drugs just to make the kick-back money either in cash, junkets or rebates…in order to make a living.  Doctor Ben Casey…they are not.  Doctor Kildare they are not!  We knew the real life doctors.  We have now all been relegated to patients for either the TV series “ER” or “Scrubs”.  “House” is a dream….that only happens on TV!  Something happens and we are stuck either going to an Urgent Care facility or the Emergency Room of overcrowded and dangerously bug infested Hospitals.

Choosing your own doctor was the major criteria for all healthcare in the bad old days.  Now, many Doctors are “Out of Network” least “Your Provider” that is. Whether it is Blue Cross, Metlife or any other…..major provider…..after you do your “due diligence”, go through the process….maybe even see your own doctor to start, they may send you to a “specialist” who is “Out of Network”.  In the meantime, you are trying to get well.  How do you do that when you spend your entire stressed experience finding out who is “In or Out of Network”.  People talk about how complex the IRS Forms are.  The total pages of the IRS Regulations may be 8 foot tall, but they pale in comparison to our total paper work-make work Healthcare System for Bureaucrats.  Now they want to make it all Electronic and place all your health records at the whim and fancy of hackers, insurance companies and government bureaucrats.  That should be as big a joke as trying to keep tabs on the many ups and downs of your FICO Score!

So, lets get back to the movement ahead to take people out of their company or government provided Healthcare Progams.  When companies provide healthcare to their employees….there are some very good “unintended consequences”.  The various plans are vetted by both management for price and labor for benefits.  As the annual prices rise…..greater co-pays may be added, some benefits can be restricted or done away with, but with the various programs and additional costs to the employee, in most cases there is less diminution in the benefit package provided.  These annual reviews provide a constant appraisal…of what benefits are provided and in many cases….Insurance Companies are dropped or changed generally to the benefit of the employees.

Those individuals who have to go out “into the market” by themselves are severely disadvantaged.  They don’t have several thousand others that create “risk assessment tables” that can easily be judged.  The Coal Miner vs. Stock Brokers for example.  When you get older those “risk assessment tables” shoot those annual enrollment fees “off the charts”.  Say you happened to have a small prostate or breast Cancer problem three years ago. How much do you think you will have to pay per month in the open market?  The price will be astronomic.

So, back to National Healthcare. What can help?  How about setting a few reasonable goals. (1) Encourage Individual Companies to supply Healthcare to their employees.  Let the Government approve “totally writing off” these cost by the companies with over 500 employees – as long as reasonable limits are included.  No botox or penal implants please.  No sex change operations or no reconstructive toe surgery! (2) Make Healthcare providers take everyone in the Regions they are assigned by the Government. (3) Make the Tri-Care program universal for all Government Employees – State, Local and Federal, all Military Services and all retired from those Public Services!

Let’s stop there for the moment.  National Healthcare should not arrive like Santa Claus on a cold winter’s night.  It should neither appear like the Easter Bunny bouncing into our lives while we try to find all the eggs.  National Healthcare requires that Big Pharma reign in their costs.  It also requires that we bring back the old time medicine that created “a relationship” between the doctor and the patient – that might last many years.  We need to pay our doctors enough to keep them, but not enough to pay for four ex-wives! We need some basic REFORMS…before we attempt to implement National Healthcare!

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