City of Santa Ana overcharging up to 842% for water!

One of our readers, Michael Witzigman, found out the city of Santa Ana is charged by Orange County Water District (OCWD) to extract the ground water from aquifers, since the county owns the water rights. They charge the city $124.50 per acre feet or 325,850 gallons. This converts to $0.286 per 1ccf or 748 gallons. Thus the city is marking up the water they sell from 699% to 842% depending on the ccf usage. That sure is a good profit margin isn’t it?

Yes it is!  Why is the City of Santa Ana totally ripping us off with regard to water rates?

And why isn’t this a bigger issue for residents, who are going to be asked in June to pay yet another water rate increase?

Lastly, Santa Ana spends more money on administration than just about any other water district in Orange County!  What is up at City Hall?

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