Why is the OC Progressive blog ripping the effort to recall GOP Assemblyman Jeff Miller?

You would think that a blog called “OC Progressive” would be happy to see a Republican Assemblyman targeted for recall.  But for some damn reason the OC Progressive blog is tweaked at KFI’s John and Ken for declaring a “fatwah” against Miller.  Color me confused by this one.

The blogger who calls himself “ocprogressive” wrote that ” We were delighted to see them launch this campaign, because it’s going to show how impotent they really are.”

Impotent?  The Recall Jeff Miller Facebook page already has 246 members. The John and Ken Tax Revolt Facebook page has over 1,800 members.

The OC Progressive post ripping John and Ken has exactly ZERO comments.  In fact the 15 posts on their front page have 8 comments total.  Now THAT is impotent!

Why would a progressive blog attack an attempt to recall a hack Republican?  Beats me, but it is pretty lame…no wonder the OC Democrats can barely win against the corrupt OC GOP.

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