The Jannies set a trap for Sean Mill – but it didn’t work

Thomas Gordon

Here is how Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects work.  Thomas Gordon called Sean Mill the other day to beg him to write about how Supervisor Janet Nguyen gave almost $200K to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, so he could build his own clay tennis courts over at Cabrillo Park.  Thomas told Sean that he had been forbidden to write this story over at Red County.

Well, as it turned out I wrote the subsequent post here at the Orange Juice.

Then Thomas allegedly sent my story – and a later story that Sean wrote, to all the Santa Ana Council Members. And he claimed that Sean had attacked Pulido, when in fact I did.  Sean took on Janet, not Pulido.

So you see what Thomas was trying to do – he was trying to set Sean up, in his endless quest to get Sean tossed off the Santa Ana Planning Commission, but Sean didn’t take the bait.

So now Thomas is also blogging over at Jannie Central –  the new Sunny D blog.  Let’s see if he has the balls to take Janet on at his new blog.  Somehow I really doubt it.  Don’t bother calling Sean with your tips Thomas – he is not falling for your lame traps!

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