The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

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President Obama’s White House has said it plans to address immigration reform in the coming weeks and months. A welcome turn! First and foremost, the Presidents duty is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and, by extension, every American citizen. The Constitution of the United States calls for “a uniform Rule of Naturalization”. Everyone must abide by the rule, and everyone must follow the same rule. To not follow the Constitution would be a violation of his duties as President and a violation of his sacrament to protect the American citizen. He should:

1. Acknowledge that no one is going to be deported. It would be impossible and impractical. They will leave under their own power.
2. No one is going to benefit from taxes they paid as illegals.
3. Make the 1 million legal immigrants with Masters and PhDs wating for jobs “in limbo” the highest priority.
4. Should DOUBLE the penalty for employing illegals with ten years in jail and stiffer fines, with enforcement measures modeled after the Arizona Legal Workers Act, a model upheld by courts.
5. Make the visa system work so the 50% of illegals who enter via JFK and just “overstay” are constantly tracked. Sort of like if they had stopped making payments on school loans. “We will not rest” would be a good slogan.

A few facts:

  • 89% of Americans think illegal immigration into the U.S. is a problem (30% “extremely serious,” 33% “very serious,” and 26% “somewhat serious.” (Time Magazine, Jan. 2006)
  • 82% think that not enough is being done along the borders to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the country. (New York Times/CBS May 2007)
  • 68% feel that the number of immigrants who cross the border, whether legal or illegal is “too high”. (Polling Company, Sept. 2006)
  • 62% oppose making it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens of America. (Quinnipiac Univ., Feb. 2006)
  • Now, the Ba’athi fascists in this country, who love to rule by tyranny of the minority, will fuss, cry and scream about the unfairness of applying “standards” to this problem, when the problem is standards have not been enforced for some time.

    It is my postulation that Obama, who today holds numbers SIMILAR or LOWER than George W in his first 60 days as a President “chosen by the Supreme Court”, that he will take a tack very similar to the one listed here. Amnesty WILL NOT be on the agenda.

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