Tax Revolt lawyer attacked by GOP hackers!

It has come to this.  Tax Revolt 2009 lawyer Mark Patlan has been attacked by GOP hackers!  Here is what was reported on the Tax Revolt 2009 blog:

It seems that the GOP is scared of Tax Revolt 2009, and is fighting back with dirty tricks.  Tax Revolt 2009 attorney Mark Patlan is reportedly under cyber attack by apparent party operatives.  On the eve of today’s Tax Revolt rally, Patlan’s business email account was deluged with several thousand hostile SPAM emails in a cowardly attack, under cover of darkness.

Patlan is surprised by these dirty tricks and thuggish behavior.  The GOP is fond of characterizing their Democrat opponents as catering to “union thugs”.  Now, it is apparent that unions have no monopoly on thuggish behavior.  “The right to petition government for redress of grievances is an ancient right enshrined in our Constitution,” says Patlan, “It is disappointing to see apparent party operatives engaging in unlawful behavior to punish citizens lawfully pursuing a Constitutional right.”

Why would GOP hacks to this to Patlan?  The fact is, the Tax Revolt is all about standing up against the GOP hacks in our State Assembly who voted to put a tax increase, Prop. 1A, on the May 19 ballot.  This is a revolution against both Democrat and Republican political hacks.  Obviously the OC GOP consultants who worship money, not principles, are declaring war against Patlan.

Hey Mark – when you get tired of blogging for the hacks at the Red-faced County blog, please know you have a home here at the freedom-loving Orange Juice blog!

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