SAUSD Superintendent booed at Obama Orange County townhall

President Barack Obama wowed the crowd at the Orange County Fairgrounds today.  I heard that the first local elected official he introduced was Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.  Interesting.  I expect Pulido is still begging to be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.

State Senator Lou Correa was introduces as “Jose Correa.”  No bueno!  Assemblyman Jose Solorio was there so perhaps Obama got confused – he doesn’t have that many Latinos in his administration after all.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was there but the Representative in Costa Mesa, Dana Rohrabacher, was not invited.  Obama addressed this, apologizing for sending a late invite to Rohrabacher.  Probably just as well.  No one there wanted to see Rohrabacher, I don’t think.

As I was driving home, I heard OC GOP consultant Adam Probolsky get interviewd on KNX.  He said that a quarter of the audience was made up of Republicans, as he recognized many of them.  Probolsky was asked if Obama could win Orange County and he flipped out.  But Obama almost won the O.C. last year.  If he does turn our economy around he might very well carry the O.C. in four years.

As one might expect, there were some tasteless Republicans there too.  Here is what the O.C. Register reported about the GOP protesters:

“Outside the fairgrounds on the sidewalk along Fairview Road, some 35 protestors waved signs and jeered as the heavy blades of Marine One and three other beige choppers sounded overhead.

“Go back home, leave us alone!” said Elisa Mohr, her head titled up. “Go back to Chicago. We don’t want you here!”

“How about, ‘go back to Kenya,” Bobby Florentz suggested.

Mohr, of Costa Mesa, stood with her two daughters, while her husband maneuvered through a nearby parking lot. The family carried wide, white banners. Hers read, “BOGUS POTUS,” as in President of the United States.

The one in 8-year-old Isabella’s hands read, “Gimme free cocaine cuz I wanna grow up like you.”

I am told that Fullerton Council Woman Pam Keller was there but I am not sure what other prominent Democrats were there.

A Santa Ana school teacher who got laid off showed up and asked Obama about the issue of teacher’s losing their jobs.  Here is how the L.A. Times reported this:

A teacher from Santa Ana said she got her “RIF notice.” (That’s a “reduction in force” notice.)

Obama: “A pink slip!”

Teacher: “I’m so nervous. Thank you for coming.”

Obama: “You’re doing great.”

Teacher: “I just love you.”

She calmed herself long enough to ask how he planned to retain good teachers, given the fact that in her district, the teacher of the year just got pink slipped too.

Obama assured her there is money going to the states for teacher retention, school construction and innovation. “But,” he said, “the biggest chunk is for teacher retention.”

He mentioned that “your school superintendent is here.” Maybe it was for the best that he did not mention California Superintendent of Schools Jack O’Connell by name, since the crowd erupted in scattered boos.

Of course those boos weren’t for O’Connell, they were for SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo, who richly deserved the boos!

SAUSD Trustee Jane Russo, driving Republican SAUSD Trustees Rosie Avila and Rob Richardson

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