O.C. Supervisors considering going to all-mail voting

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“Orange County Supervisors have taken a tentative step toward closing down county polling places and doing all balloting by mail – last week, they agreed to ask the county’s legislative delegation to push for a state law allowing all-mail balloting on a county-by-county basis,” according to Martin Wiskol over at the Total Buzz blog.

“Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley told supervisors that all-mail voting, which is now done in Washington and Oregon, would save the county about $200,000 per election cycle.”

This actually sounds like a good idea!  It is refreshing to see our Supervisors doing something good for a change.

And folks won’t be able to impersonate us at the polls if we go to balloting by mail instead of voting at the polls.

Too bad they can’t figure out a way for us to vote securely online.

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