New Mexico repeals the death penalty – when will California follow suit?

Hasn’t life in prison been punishment enough for Charles Manson?

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“Gov. Bill Richardson signed legislation Wednesday repealing New Mexico’s death penalty, making it the second state to ban executions since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976,” accordiing to the Associated Press.

Why doesn’t California repeal the death penalty?  What is the good of having a Legislature full of Democrats if we cannot get rid of the death penalty?

It takes millions of dollars to kill criminals on death row, due to legal fees and other related costs.  So why bother?  Life in prison is no walk in the park.

Beyond the cost issue, the fact is many innocent people have died due to the death penalty.  “If you’re going to put somebody to death, the … criminal justice system has to be perfect, and it isn’t,” said Richardson.  He is right!

Moreover, this barbaric practice is not something a civilized country like the U.S. should be promulgating.  It is time to end the death penalty in the U.S. – and at least here in California.

It is ironic that the same Talibani Republicans who are against abortion are also for the death penalty, for the most part.  What a bunch of hypocrites!

Kudos to Governor Bill Richardson for reversing his former position on this issue and doing the right thing.

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