Juarez needs our Special Forces!

President Obama seems to be backing away from getting too involved with the “beheadings in Mexico”.  Some thought balloons for our new President to consider:  Beheading is a terrorist activity.  It is an atrocity in fact!  This type of behavior is something that Jeffery Dalmer might comprehend, but those of us in the hinterland have a tough time understanding why just killing someone isn’t enough.

The story could go something like this:  Those guys standing in front of Home Depot in Santa Ana have all gone back to Mexico to find jobs.  Drugs are a great gang activity that can provide income for their families.  The problem is that the “professional drug people” do not like the fierce  competition.  They do not want the police confused about who is going to give them money every week.  Viola, kill the offending cops, kill the offending “pretenders” burning in on their territory.  Simple organized crime in action.  The problem seems to be that “too many pretenders” are out there and they need to send a message.

When the Police Chief of Juarez started to play hardball on this aberrant behavior…the Chief was given this warning: “Quit…or watch five of your guys die….every day until you do!”  20 Police Officers in Juarez were killed and beheaded before the Chief…..resigned.  Did the Chief know who did this?  Does anyone know who did this?

We need to send some Marine Corps or Army Snipers down to Juarez immediately!  We need CIA operators, DEA undercover and FBI oversight to run the entire operation.  This type of behavior has crossed the border of the United States and now, places around America are finding the same actions that have been exhibited in Juarez…..right here.  Do we idly sit by and just watch the carnage?  In the days of Al Capone,  J. Edgar Hoover….decided that enough was enough.  It took him years…but he finally got “Big Al”.  That was then…..this is now.

When American citizens either naturalized or native are being targeted and killed with terror tactics…..we cannot sit by and just allow it…..can we?  Who should step up and more imporantly when?  The President needs to work under the covers….but he needs to target bad behavior both at home and abroad.  If Mexico is so corrupt that they cannot fix themselves….then the USA needs to lead….along with other members of the countries of Central and South America…..to solve the problem now…..before….before….before that terror infects all of us!

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