It’s Amateur Hour

This war on the recession is lost. Let’s face it. We’ve had almost six straight months (we knew Obama was going to win in September, dont lie to yourself) of American middle class investors indicating they have no idea where this goverment is going with its strategy. And they are pulling their money out of the market and shoving it into their mattresses.

It’s a better barometer than voting.

There’s my quote. Those who own ANYTHING in this country are HIDING it from the hands of this administration. Obama is close to single handedly destroying the public trust in its own economy. And that’s all the economy runs on. Trust. You take that piece of paper with Franklins face on it and TRUST that someone else will take it in kind. But people with reason to trust this government with the economy are rapidly vanishing. Unless you’re a female college student with absolutely no stake in anything whatsoever but some heady memories from election night, jumping up and down and shouting “YES WE CAN!”


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The words of Warren Buffett (an ardent Obama supporter)_:

…I’ve never seen the consumer or the Americans just generally more fearful than this. And they’re also confused. And you can get fearful very quickly, but you don’t get confident, you know, in five minutes.

So Obamas doom and gloom performance has backfired. The fear to “follow or fail” is utterly the wrong message.

I think that the Republicans have an obligation to regard this as an economic war and to realize you need one leader and, in general, support of that. But I think that the–I think that the Democrats–and I voted for Obama and I strongly support him, and I think he’s the right guy–but I think they should not use this–when they’re calling for unity on a question this important, they should not use it to roll the Republicans all.

This economy should be job one, two and three and the GOP should back him. OK…. Maybe if the economy WAS job one, two and three, the GOP would be able to back him. But Obama spouts generalities like this: Kennedy didnt have to choose between civil rights and going to the moon.” WHAT????

In the words of Jim Cramer, CNBC Host of “Mad Money” and an ardent Obama supporter:

“Until the Obama administration starts listening, until they start paying attention to what you’re watching — to the stock market, until they realize that their agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans — then all I can give you is caution,”

But this time in slow motion, I felt the total lack of control that we all feel right now — the ‘it’s out of my hands,’ the ‘where’s the authority,’ … It’s the feeling of capitalism vanishing, businesses capsizing under their own weight — thanks to an administration that doesn’t seem to know or maybe doesn’t care.

Doesn’t care. You got that right Jim.


Obama quote: “Now is not the time for profits.” Look up Lenin’s “What is to be done?”

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