Here they go again. What are president Obama’s advisors thinking?

First it was the misguided “buy American” stimulus which backfired and now we read of imposing $646 billion dollars in pollution fees to the private sector. While we should all be pro-active in reducing pollution if this brainstorm goes beyond being a “trial balloon” who do they think will ultimately pick up the tab as our nations private sectors struggle to stay afloat and have no fat in their profit margins?

Earlier today Treasury Secretary Timothy “Geithner acknowledged that consumers could face higher electric bills because Obama would impose fees on greenhouse gas producers, including power plants that burn fossil fuels, by auctioning off carbon pollution permits. The goal is to reduce the emissions blamed for global warming while raising a projected $646 billion over 10 years.”
Folks. This answers the $trillion dollar question. How are we going to pay for the stimulus plan? Ultimately on the backs of working Americans, that’s who. It’s called a pass-through.
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