A few weeks ago, our old Red Clownty friend Jerbal let slip top-secret info that Republicans were going to be joining John Lewis in support of Tom Daly for County Supervisor. Later on his own blog he posted the invitation to Daly’s St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser but failed to post the back side of the flier that listed the “host committee” and, presumably, the vaunted Republican ship-jumpers who are attracted to Daly’s bi-partisan appeal.

Okay, we know that Jerbal was just shilling for his boss Lewis and was either protecting these stalwart conservatives, or, as is more likely the case, just embarrassed by the lack of any real Republican support for Daly – despite the script that his puppet master had given him.

Well, we’re not so shy. Here is page two of Daly’s invitation. Once the professional lobbyists like John Lewis, Ruby Wood, and Lyle Overby are removed see if you can identify a single prominent GOP supporter.

Of course the union leaders (Jerbal used to refer to them as goons and thugs before pulling down the blanket and inviting them in) Wayne Quint, Nick Berardino, and Joe Kerr are prominently featured.

Jerbal wants us to believe that the Daly juggernaut has broad bi-partisan support. In realty it is a collection of lobbyists, government camp followers, and public employee union leaders. And this will evaporate like a spring frost if Galloway enters the race.

As they say, the truth will out. It remains to be seen how the GOP will respond to this effort to hijack the party by Daly’s new pal Lewis. Hopefully it will be swift – and if not persuasive, then punitive.

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