Dana Point Mayor Lisa Bartlett voted for higher taxes!

Dana Point Mayor Lisa Bartlett voted for higher taxes!

What is it about OC GOP Republicans at the local level that leads so many of them to vote for higher taxes – when they come in the form of hotel taxes?  Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle did this recently, by going after online travel bookings, and I got a note today from former Dana Point Council Member Jim Lacy indicating that this has happened again.  Here is his message:

Just want you to know for endorsement review purposes in 2010 that Dana Point Councilwoman Lisa Bartlett voted this week to raise the hotel bedroom tax in Dana Point by $3 a night per room on top of 10% transient occupancy tax and state tax.

This won’t help Mayor Bartlett come election time, but these squishy Reeps never seem to learn…yet they call themselves conservatives.  I think not!

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