Congressman Joseph Ahn Cao already facing a recall

GOP Congressman Joseph Ahn Cao barely won last year in a congressional “district made up of 65% African Americans and 85% Democrats.”  And now he is facing the threat of a recall because he voted twice “against President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package as part of the Republican Party attempt to block the passage of bill,” according to the Little Saigon Insider blog.

The recall campaign against Cao has already collected over 12,000 signatures in its first week. “Rev. Toris Young, President of the Louisiana Ministerial Alliance of Churches for All Peoples, has joined with his fellow Minister Aubry Wallace to attempt to obtain the verified signatures of more than 101,000 registered voters in the 2nd District, more than a third of the registered electorate, in just 180 days,” according to the Bayou Buzz.

One of the ministers involved in the recall explained why he is opposed to Cao:

Since the 2nd District voted for Obama in a landslide, and Cao openly opposed the President, Young argues that the Congressman should be removed from office immediately, not in two years when the regular elective cycle comes again. “The time for change Is now! We have so many things that still are suffering–such as Education, Health Care, Roads Repair, Flood Protection, Foreclosure, Lending, and the list goes on.” By voting against Obama now, Cao endangered the needs of his district, so the Reverend reasons.

Even if this recall fails, it will galvanize voters against Cao.  In short, he is toast.

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