Why Sean Penn should win the Oscar!

Being a homophobe is not a bad thing.  It is a choice!  You can work well with those of the opposite persausion and still not approve of their lifestyle or choices.  Much as a co-worker that fools around with the boss to get up the corporate ladder.  They may be fun, entertaining, kind and giving people, but just not your cup of tea.

Many people have been afraid to go see the movie “Milk”.  Most of our homophobic friends use excuses like: “I know the story very well!” or “Who needs to see a bunch guys kissing?”.  In any event, we might remind these folks that this is 2009, not 1959!  We are supposed to be more forgiving of “alternate lifestyles”.  You know too many kids today that have children out of wedlock, live and have relationships with members of the same sex, live in multiple complex men/women, boy/girl relationships.  All of these can be fundamentally offensive to those of us with a desire to maintain “principled and traditional values”.  The obvious problem is that no matter what “we might approve of”….it is very doubtful that our choices are going to change the behavior or actions of those dedicated to an alternate path.

Parents have threatened, written out of their wills and even castigated publically their very own progeny for actions of which they thought not in their best interest.  Drugs, Sex or even Tatoo issues can be monumental.  So, when we discuss a valuable realistic “Social Commentary” such as “Milk” the tendency to simply dismiss that story as “unnecessary or basically very offensive” and not worthy of our time.

Sean Penn will probably win “Best Actor” at the Oscars this Sunday.  This may indeed offend some, but this is no way will deminish his effort and very great achievement at telling this important story.  We never supported Harvey Milk or Mayor Masconi during those turbulent times and history of San Francisco!  Their deaths however, much like Waco, the Stockton Schoolyard Shooting and the JFK Assasination were important historical events that have become “Urban Legend”.

Sean Penn, no matter what you may think of his politics…did an absolute superb job protraying Harvey Milk.  Additionally, this film brings to the party more importantly….how Community Activism becomes effective and how that effectiveness has great responsibility, which if pushed too far can have catastrophic results to all of society.  We encourage all, even on the edge of politics, to bite their lips and rent or watch “MIlk”.  Josh Brolin played the infamous, sad character SF Supervisor Dan White.  His story too makes for important historical theatre…that in fact, has changed our society forever!

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