Should we be allowed to carry concealed weapons?

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Should law-abiding citizens be allowed to carry concealed weapons?  I really never stopped to ponder that question, but I can see where many situations would lend themselves to such an arrangement, such as:

  • People who work in private security
  • Business owners who work in businesses that are robbed often, such as jewelry stores, pawn shops and 7 Elevens
  • Folks who have been threatened
  • And anyone who has the misfortune to live in Santa Ana

L.A. Times columnist Dana Parsons tackled this issue in a column this week where he decided that folks should NOT be allowed to carry concealed weapons.  You can let Dana know what you think about that conclusion at this link.

Locally, our awful new Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, has been trying to cancel as many CCW permits as possible.  She is ruffling a lot of feathers in the process.  And what exactly has she done in the meantime about our problems in the County jail or the growing gang problems in south Orange County?

I am not sure why Hutchens this this is the biggest crisis in the land.  What do YOU think about this issue?

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