Recall Benedict Arnold

It’s time to get this ball rolling again. I am going to put in some phone calls. I was Darrell Issa’s Orange County Rep for his Senate race. Maybe he’ll pony up the money again? Andy Garakhani, are you out there? After all, Ahhhnold has done everything that got Gray Davis recalled, and worse.

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What’s that you say? Not enough of an outcry. The so called moderates and Democrats wouldnt bother evicting this Republican because, well, because he behaves just like THEM!

– Sales taxes raised by one percentage point

– Additional 5% surcharge on state income taxes.

– Increase in the vehicle-license fee from 0.65% to 1.15%.
Do you understand your CAR TAX is going to almost DOUBLE! UNDER ARNOLD!!

– $15 billion reduction in government spending, including $8.6 billion from education.

– Elimination of two state holidays

Perhaps Democrats can be talked into joining the Arnold Jihad. All those stimulus dollars promised to California taxpayers are going to be eaten by this tax hike. Arnold has just taken the money Obama promised you. That $13 a week and change – gone!

Gary Coleman and Mary Carey! Where are you???

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