Maybe the Orange County Supervisors can bring their own guns to work?

Rather than hire the SAPD to protect them, maybe the Supervisors can pack their own guns?

“Assistant to the Orange County CEO Rob Richardson reported to the Board that yesterday they had received a letter of intent from the Santa Ana Police Department to provide security for the Board chamber,” according to Red County.

As you may recall, the O.C. Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, has turned out to be a complete disaster and in the process she has peeved most of the County Supervisors.  They cannot fire her, but they sure can take away part of her budget, by granting the County Board Chamber security contract to some other agency.

It makes sense to use the SAPD, as the County Hall of Administration is in Santa Ana, but the SAPD is failing to keep the people of Santa Ana safe.  And the Santa Ana City Manager has deliberately understaffed the SAPD and frozen hiring as the city deals with a massive budget deficit. 

Maybe the Supervisors should put their Chamber security out to bid?  When I have visited the County Hall of Administration the Deputies on site have appeared bored and disinterested.  Security guards could do that, for a lot less!

Failed SAUSD School Board candidate Mike Gonzalez owns a security guard company.  I am sure he could beat the SAPD in a fair bidding process.  I am not sure how safe the Supervisors would be under his watch, but who cares?  Outside of Chris Norby they are a bunch of jokers…

Maybe we can do away with the security guards altogether and just hand out CCW permits to the Supervisors?  I am sure that Janet Nguyen’s contacts in Little Saigon can hook her up with a Mac 10.

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