Is President Obama fixing our nation’s drug policy?

Not everything associated with the Obama administration has been a disaster.  Apparently he has been busy implementing changes in our nation’s drug policy.  Below is information I received today from “Students for Sensible Drug Policy.”

Congrats everyone! More than 102,000 people signed the petition urging Obama to fix U.S. drug policy and he listened!  During his second week in office, Obama promised to call off the federal raids on medical marijuana patients.  Then, he instructed U.S. delegates to the United Nations to support harm reduction measures like needle exchange.

And just last week, he chose Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske as his Drug Czar. Under Kerlikowske’s watch, Seattle embraced more sensible drug policies: protecting the rights of medical marijuana patients, establishing needle exchange programs, openly discussing alternatives to prohibition, and making marijuana possession the lowest priority for law enforcement.

You’ve already made a difference. But there’s still work to be done.

Although Kerlikowske will probably be the best Drug Czar to date, it’s unlikely that he’ll make major reforms — unless he hears from Americans that it’s what we want. That’s why we need to “brief the chief”! Click here.

All you need to do is sign the petition and send it to ten friends. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’ll make a big difference.

Thanks for taking action,
Micah Daigle
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

P.S. Did you know that if you think the Drug War isn’t working, you’re part of the majority? 76% of Americans (231 MILLION people) know the Drug War has failed. Join the Facebook group: One Million Strong Against the Drug War.

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