Drunken Negro Face

Ted Kefalinos, proprietor of the Greenwich Village Lafayette French Pastry, asked a patron, “Would you like some drunken negro heads to go with your coffee? They’re in honor of our new president. He’s following in the same path of Abraham Lincoln; he will get his.”     Later, her friend stopped by the bakery and said Kefalinos corrected her about the name of the cookies—they’re actually drunken “N-word” cookies.


 Kefalinos denies intimating that Obama would be assassinated, and insists that the cookie is “not unflattering. I think it’s a fun face… And anyone who says anything else should be ashamed of themselves.”   Also, Kefalinos insists he can’t be racist because, for one thing, “my brother-in-law, he’s Cuban.”    More at this link.

And guess who is determined to get the bakery shut down?   The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense, chanting:  

“Ray-cist Lah-fay-ette!” they chanted as they circled round and round inside a protest pen police had set up.

“Brick by brick, wall by wall — we’ll stay out here and make you fall!” they cried.

“You’re a coward and a racist, that’s why you closed the bakery today,” a female Panther bellowed at the store’s shuttered gate. “We’re going to shut you down Ted Kefalnios! You think your gates are closed now — we’re gonna keep you closed!”

Bakery Death Watch is now on.   Racists had better brace for a tough 8 years coming up.   Here is a video summation of the baker, his patrons and the controversial language about our new president, Barak Obama.

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