Danger America Danger!

Off a cliff! Armageddon! Darker, Darkest! Mortal Danger!

President Obama and top Democrats on Capitol Hill are deploying these and other stark predictions of doom and gloom to push through their economic-stimulus package. In terms not heard in Washington since the late 1970s under President Jimmy Carter’s watch, the new president has sought to terrify Americans into supporting the $800 billion-plus bailout bill.

*update: calls into legislators offices pro and con the stimulus bill are running 100’s to 1 AGAINST. Numbers not seen since the Amnesty Bill. KEEP IT UP AMERICA!!

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Remember when George W Bush and Dick Cheney tried to warn the nation about the downturn, then several months in progress, when they came into office in 2001.

What was that the Press said then? OH YEAH, HEY HE’S TALKING DOWN THE ECONOMY!

This is hope over fear. This is the bipartisan spirit, a bill that can’t claim a single Republican vote. Hm.

We are propping up failures because it will buy Democrats votes. It is more compassionate to do for the losers. The people who played by the rules, saved for a rainy day, exercised some restraint, or planned for the downturn are paying for it. This is irresponsible. There is nothing stimulating about this bill.

Seven years after the Great Deal, unemployment was still 15%. There is NO time in history where government spending has equaled economic stimulation.

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