Carona was corrupt, but Hutchens is inept

(Picture Courtesy of the O.C. Register)

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Has Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens lost her mind?  We have lost sight, during her ridiculous battle against those who have concealed weapons permits, of the fact that she has been a complete failure with regard to the budget problems and jail issues in her department.

“In a letter sent Friday, county CEO Tom Mauk warned Hutchens that her fight with the board is a distraction that she can’t afford. Instead of the gun permit issue or the videotape dispute, Hutchens’ department should be concentrating on serious budget shortfalls, as well as curbing overtime and expanding the jail, Mauk wrote,” according to the O.C. Register.

“And so far, “little progress has been made,” he wrote.”

Make that zero progress.  Hutchens commissioned a study of our jail system that was conducted by a bunch of hackish ex cops.  Their report said we need to hire over 500 more deputies.   The only ones who were pleased about that report were the deputies and their union leaders.

As one might expect, the union hacks at the Liberal OC blog have attacked Hutchens’ critics instead of holding her accountable.  That figures.  Chris Prevatt always writes what he is told to.

Hutchens is worthless.  Carona was corrupt but she is inept.  Will this County ever have a decent Sheriff?

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