AAA, Tire Irons, the Cops and Guns

As we all know by now the Sheriff has embarked on a Jihad, yes I said it, against the gun owners who have CCW permits. I am really saddened to see that Appointed Sheriff Hutchens, refuses to look at the facts surrounding CCW permit holders and how they are less likely to be involved in a crime than are most regular citizens, and how time after time, when states start a “shall issue” policy their crime rates drop. Also it is sad when she refuses to recognize the fact that firearms are used exponentially more often to prevent a crime, than to commit one.

So let me ask her to explain it to me using emotion, which is obviously what she is basing it on. I have been told that I am not supposed to carry a gun, because I may use it, I should call the police when I have a problem so they can come protect me. Based on this logic I don’t need to carry a gun. Sheriff (and all of you opposed to freedom) do you carry a tire iron in your car? Why? If you get a flat tire, can’t you call the Auto Club to come change it? After all they are better trained than you or I to do it. They use that equipment everyday, and that is their job, to go around and help us when we have a flat tire, among other jobs. Why do you NEED a tire Iron? Have you been “Trained” on changing a flat tire?

You say Mark I need a tire Iron –

What if I am on a remote road, with no cell service?

What if it is late, and the Auto club is not around?

What if they are too busy to get there right away?

What if there is an EMERGENCY, and I need it done right away, and can’t wait?

Sheriff, I submit to you a gun is no different, nobody wants to use their tire iron, but we all have them, just in case….

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