35 Days before the GUN GRAB

So much for President Obama’s desire to protect Gun Rights. It only took 35 Days for him to stop hiding his true anit-freedom agenda. Today when Attorney General Holder was asked by the media, during a press conference the truth came out. The President wants to ban so called “Assault Rifles” this time it will be to help stop the violence in Mexico! When asked by a Mexican Journalist about banning assault rifles he was happy to take up the position that implied, not only are the guns coming in from the US, but that we are responsible for them! This is the epitome of stupidity! He expects us to believe a Mexican Drug dealer comes over the border, and he walks into his local gun shop, and buys 25 Full Auto AK-47’s. Think about it, this is a totally corrupt country! They can not keep honest police chiefs or politicians in office, because they get killed! The drug dealers south of the border operate with impunity, and make the New York Mob look like child’s play! These people expect us to believe, that by banning our gun rights here, it will somehow have an effect on the violence over there! They have Some of the strictes anti freedom, anti- gun legislation in the world, and it has done nothing to stop the killing! So now we are expected to surrender our God given rights, in order to stop this? You have got to be kidding me! It is time to fight! Join the NRA, get involved! www.calnra.com Don’t let the lie about the so Called “Assault Weapons” take away your freedoms!

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