“Worst Majority” in history to close its doors to public.

History.com is reporting, as on the rest of the blogosphere, that Queen Nancy “we don’t need no bipartisan cooperation” Pelosi is reversing traditional rules of minority rights, ethics reforms, chairperson term limits and making Congress live by the laws of the land.

These long standing traditions include public committee meetings, truth in budgeting, proxy votes, House audits (which rose from the Post Office Scandals) and minority rights to offer amendments to legislation.

This tyrannical posture from the most ineffective and unpopular Congress in memory means President Elect will have a very short honeymoon and very little bipartisan support.

If Democrats do not write their leaders in outrage over these violations of public trust and political transparency, then they speak volumes on their lack of concern for the rights of men, women, businessmen and blue collars, who care about how their government performs under scrutiny. “Say nothing and you too can experience CAR WINDSHIELD!”

Historically, Congress never has very popular ratings. In 1925 House Speaker Nicholas Longworth (Republican–Ohio) noted that he had been a member of Congress for 20 years:

During the whole of that time we have been attacked, denounced, despised, hunted, harried, blamed, looked down upon, excoriated, and flayed. I refuse to take it personally. I have looked into history…. We were unpopular when Lincoln was a Congressman. We were unpopular when John Quincy Adams was a Congressman. We were unpopular even when Henry Clay was a Congressman. We have always been unpopular. From the beginning of the Republic, it has been the duty of every free-born voter to look down upon us, and the duty of every free-born humorist to make jokes at us.

But it is hard to get any lower than 9% approval. Thats Blago territory. More people think Elvis is alive than think the Democrats did a good job last Congress. I wonder who those people are?

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