Update on today’s Democratic Assembly Delegate Election

UPDATE: The results are in for the 69th A.D.!  Michele Martinez was appointed and Valerie Amezcua won!

I don’t have a complete report regarding today’s Democratic Assembly Delegate election, however I can tell you some of the early results. A pajarito reports that in Santa Ana, Councilwoman Michele Martinez pulled out this morning as a candidate, when Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez appointed her as a delegate.  The entire John Burton slate was elected in the 69th Assembly District, including Gloria Alvarado, Valerie Amezcua and Irene Ibarra.

Ibarra was criticized by some today for not staying at the Election Meeting, but her father suffered a seizure and she opted to go stay with him at the hospital.

Another pajarito reported that over in the 68th Assembly District there was a big upset.  Former State Assembly and City Council candidate Paul Lucas did not win.  I am told that Tram Linh Ho and Tammy Tran did win.  I don’t know if Kim Chi Nguyen prevailed.

If we hear any further chismes about these elections I will update this post.  Congratulations to the winners and my condolences to those who lost.


I received a complete list of the winners in the 69th A.D. via email. Here it is:

The following were the winners (slate of John Burton supporters, the slate was
elected, excluding Henry Vuong, who lost to Richard Alfaro):

  • Irene Ibarra
  • * Valerie Amezcua
  • Van Le (replaced My Dung Tran – who is actually in the 68th)
  • ** Michelle Martinez
  • Martha Lopez
  • Gloria Alvarado
  • Andrew Davey
  • Berny Enriquez
  • Carl Weibel
  • Richard Alfaro
  • Zeke Hernandez
  • Mario Guerrero

* Valerie was elected to the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party State Central Committee. All others are Delegates to the Central Committee.

** Michelle was elected; she gets replaced by someone (person with highest votes) if she is named by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez – I guess it would be a female.
Congrats to all the winners!

UPDATE: Misha Houser told me via Facebook that she won in the 68th A.D., as did her entire slate.  Congratulations Misha!

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