Schwarzenegger calls for suspension of legislator’s pay and per diem

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took aim at our inept State Legislators, in today’s “State of the State” address, when he “called for a measure that would suspend all pay for the Legislature and the governor if a new state budget was not passed by the June 15 deadline, something that has only happened a handful of times in recent decades,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He also called for the suspension of payment of the Legislator’s per diem.  He should also cancel their car allowances and put all their staffers on immediate furlough.

If our Legislators cannot put the people of this state first, then they ought to feel the brunt of the current state budget crisis.

Let’s see if Schwarzenegger follows through on today’s tough words.  I doubt that the Legislators will vote for these measures.

And we still don’t know how the state’s $42 billion dollar budget deficit is going to be resolved.  Until it is, I say it is time for Schwarzenegger to pounce on the Legislators.  Maybe he can hack their pay by executive order?

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