President Obama – Making Reservations for History!

With great hope and optimism comes the Presidency of Barack Obama.  His strengths and youth are obvious.  His new view of our nation refreshing.  His fine ability to move forward as others try to coalesce their thoughts is the concept of a true visionary with the addition of pragmatic fortitude.

Yet, let us not be mislead.  President Obama, is no Reagan, no Clinton, no Nixon, no LBJ.  His uniqueness goes beyond the color of his skin.  His true insight will be tested shortly dealing with the World Economic meltdown, a series of wars and insurrections, world poverty, environmental degredation, joblessness, healthcare and deep seated resentments of a power structure that will soon be feeling the effects of his policies and attitudes.

President Barack Obama has come along not for the old guys..nor to aid further the great power elitism that has existed for over 2000 years.  No, our new President comes to us as a child, to lead us toward a different promised land.  His mission will be to inspire.  His mission will be to find reasonable and true solutions to a variety of problems.  His mission will be to lead with a firm by fair hand in all things.  We will expect that his youth will be no hindrance to good judgements.

Are we asking too much?  No, we are demanding that our needs be met after the end of our “Two Decades of Greed”.  We expect no more Enrons.  We expect no more Bernie Maddoffs.  We expect no more freebies for people and groups that do not need the help.  We expect the Capitalistic System to survive and grow stronger, built on the foundations of ethical, moral and competitive renewal.  We expect giant leaps in medical treatment.  We expect quantum leaps in the delivery of energy and transportation at reasonable prices.  We expect that after the next two years of economic hell……we will find a “promised land”, peaceful, flowering, and growing with renewed job opportunites.

We wish our new President well.  We hope he will not “over expose” his image and likeness.  We hope that his words were true: “This election was not about ME….it was always about you!”  We hope upon hope that the choices his makes will ensure and grow our freedom, not take more of our freedoms away.  For any fascist world society is a dying world society.

Good luck Mr. President!  We will be pulling for you!  We will be making Reservations in the History books for a President Obama that came and saved a great country from itself.  Take care of all of us….this is a time when we need your intelligence and honest guidance most.  We will support you with our prayers… the rest is up to you!

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