O.C. Republicans sell out on Obama “stimulus” money

This is obscene:

WASHINGTON – An unusual new alliance of political, labor and business leaders is determined to see that Orange County gets its fair share of Obama bucks.

The leaders who sat around a table at the Orange County Business Council last week did not all agree on the wisdom of President Barack Obama’s $825 billion stimulus package. They certainly did not all pledge to go to the mat for such a massive proposal. And it’s not clear that they can influence where the money goes.

But the interests of labor in retaining jobs, educators in getting money to fix schools, transportation officials in getting road projects done and business leaders in minimizing the effects of the recession convinced them to give it a try.

“We need to speak with one voice,” said Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Frank Barbaro, who along with his Republican counterpart, Scott Baugh, participated in the meeting. “The fear is we’re going to be bypassed. That has historically happened to us.”

It’s especially obscene that Republicans, supposedly the “small government” party, are participating in this new looting. Scott Baugh should be ashamed of himself for joining local Democratic socialist Barbaro in this vast new increase of federal power over our lives. It’s really only spreading Chicago-style corrupt politics across the country. Let’s take the arguments apart.

Where’s the money?

First, there are no “Obama bucks,” the fanciful phrase the Register writers used. Money either comes from a) ripping off taxpayers more, b) borrowing, or c) inflating the money, which means the value of money goes down. Soon, you end up like Zimbabwe, where they just printed a $100 trillion note.  Or you get Weimar Germany’s hyperinflation in the 1920s, with its murderous aftermath.

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