Oakland’s Mayor makes fighting crime a priority, while Pulido is still MIA in Santa Ana

(Picture Courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle)

“Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums promised in his second State of the City address Monday to make crime reduction his top priority for the coming year, promising to turn around the city’s reputation as a lawless community,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Why is it that Santa Ana Mayor has NEVER in over 20 years in office ever stood up and made a similar promise?

You want to know what Pulido has been up to lately?  Pulido flew to DC to watch the presidential inauguration.  I am told he attended a Mayors Conference while he was there, so the taxpayers paid for his travel.  Nice.

(Picture Courtesy of the OC Weekly)

I wonder if the taxpayers also paid for Pulido’s trip to Bolivia, to meet with their coca farmer Presiident, Evo Morales?  You have to hand it to Pulido, he thinks he is a head of state, when in fact he is just a lame Mayor.  All hail “El Rey Pudrido!”

In the meantime a Santa Ana businessman filed a complaint after a gang banger threatened his life, and the SAPD dropped the ball, as previously reported.

Interestingly, construction was just halted on a high rise tower in Oakland that was expected to bring over 1,000 jobs to the area.  Meanwhile, in Santa Ana, the lot where One Broadway Plaza is supposed to be built is still empty.

Dellums’ promises may be equally empty, but at least he is man enough to take the crime issue head on, while Pulido continues to be MIA in Santa Ana.

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