Janet Nguyen’s vote against restaurant ratings makes the “Food Safety News”

Ruh-roh!  Just when Supervisor Janet Nguyen thought she could run away from her vote against proposed Restaurant Ratings, the “Food Safety News,” which is produced by Iowa State University, picked up the news.  I imagine that other such publications will also pick up this story – which is now on the verge of going national.

Memo to Janet – this is what happens when you vote against public health, in order to cover up for your husband’s restaurant – which has received major County health violations.  Not to mention the fact that Nguyen took over $12,000 last year from other restaurants, many of which have received multiple major County health violations…

Food Safety News was “developed in 1995 by Iowa State University Extension Specialists from the Departments of Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN), Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (HRIM), and Veterinary Medicine.”

The goal of the Food Safety Project is to: Develop educational materials that give the public the tools they need to minimize their risk of foodborne illness and disseminate food safety information.

The site is maintained by HRIM and FSHN Extension Specialists to provide information food safety information to consumers, foodservice managers and employees, and other site visitors on safe food handling practices. This award-winning site regularly receives 400,000 visitors with more than 1.2 million page views each year.

Congratulations Janet!  400,000 people are now going to know all about your awful vote against restaurant ratings!

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